Pearl Jam Forced To Start San Diego Show Late


Pearl Jam will embark on their first North American Tour this May and September 2022. The tour was rescheduled this year, it was originally set to take place in 2020. The concerts began on May 3 in San Diego and the first leg of their tour will end on May 20 in Las Vegas. The tour is held in support of the band’s 2020 album Gigaton. The band extended their visit to four new locations, Fresno, Sacramento, Camden and Las Vegas.

On Pearl Jam’s official website, a user by the name TomBellanca posted about the San Diego concert. The user began their post by saying that their head is still spinning and buzzing, and they had a fantastic time at the event. They also shared that they had great seats on the rail at the 50-yard line and they could see and hear perfectly.

The user noted that as others have said, Eddie talked a lot about his hometown. He introduced his 1st guitar teacher, Bud.

He also gave a hello to Bill Walton. The mid-set Long Road for his brother was special, wrote the user. The 7 o’clock/Jeremy/Porch run was also fantastic.

The show was started later due to traffic issues. This caused the entire concert to be delayed for a while. Due to the scheduled time running out, a few songs had to be skipped.

Steve Gossard talked about Pearl Jam recently and said that they still have the fire. They want to make the definitive, post-21st century Pearl Jam record. He said he’s still dreaming about what’s coming up next for the band.