Pearl Jam Massive List Of 2020 Tour Dates Revealed


Pearl Jam are set to tour Europe this summer, and while the band haven’t officially announced the tour yet, the list of most of the cities has leaked on the Ten Club board, with rough projected dates as well surfacing via Dimitrispearljam, a band insider. They may not be exact, but the band are expected to be in Europe in June and July 2020. A Pearl Jam discussed a secret John Frusciante performance a couple of days ago.

tino_11 posted on the Ten Club board, “Start of tour seems very uncertain, possibly Amsterdam on 17th or 18th June. Possibly Pinkpop on the 21st. Then my latest take on rumors/info is:

23/06 Prague
25/06 Berlin
27/06 Stockholm
29/06 Copenhagen
02 or 03/07 Werchter
05/07 Imola
07/07 Vienna
10/07 London
13/07 Lodz
15/07 Budapest
17/07 Zurich
19/07 Paris.”

Foo Fighters leaked a massive Pearl Jam announcement a few days ago. Max Siep responded, “So presuming 14 shows in total two missing which could be 2x Amsterdam as usual or Amsterdam+ another one. London in the middle keeps on looking weird also Prague as first show. Nobody thought about a second night in Berlin so far which could be also an option….!?”

MRK2 chimed in, “No 2nd night in Berlin, they don’t travel and play show on same day anymore. Separate travel day between two cities needed.

Edit: and it would mean they would play 3 nights in a row… that hasn’t happened in years.

I guess there will be a show on June 21 somewhere. But who knows where. Could be the second German date instead of Pinkpop. At some point last week Dimi seemed to hint something added before London, but that date seems to have settled on the 10th since then… no room for any extra dates really.”

Pearl Jam are also expected to release their new album in 2020, the followup to 2013’s Lightning Bolt. An ‘expensive’ Pearl Jam tour rumor recently leaked.