Gene Simmons Daughter ‘Dress Accident’ Photo Leaks


Gene Simmons‘ daughter, the delightful Sophie Simmons, recently took to social media via Instagram to share this happy little accident of a photo from a recent event. Wearing a stunning and gorgeous red dress, Simmons highlighted the news as she posted: “Can’t wait for this party tonight. p.s- I’m literally wearing duct tape under all of this.” Simmons was wearing the duct tape underneath the dress in case of a dress accident or malfunction. Gene Simmons daughter ‘bends over’ in leopard skin outfit.

In other news regarding Sophie Simmons’ rock and rock all night father Gene Simmons, fans took to KISSFaq fan forum to discuss if there will be a band as popular as ‘the hottest band in the land’ again? One forum user, named Within responded: “It seems like this thread is full of people trying to convince each other that either Rock is dead or Rock is still popular. Well, the thing is, there has been an evolution in Rock. It started in the 50s, then become more distorted in the 60s, then there came Hard Rock in the 70s (and a lot of other stuff like Glam Rock, etc), then came Heavy Metal in the 80s, Alternative Rock in the 90s, stuff like Nu Metal in the 2000s. After that, there was no evolution anymore. Everything that a person does nowadays on an electric guitar is a thing of the past.” Gene Simmons daughter bad ‘hot tub’ photos revealed.

The user continued: “Every new rock band nowadays will sound like something that has been there before. Ghost sounds like a band from the 70s. Airborne sounds like AC/DC. Lots of other bands copy old stuff. There is no evolution happening anymore and thus it’s not really in the mainstream anymore. Yes, there are still lots of rock and metal fans, and of course, big bands like Metallica, AC/DC, Stones, Iron Maiden, KISS, etc draw in large crowds. But the heyday of Rock was probably during the 70s 80s and even though there has been some evolution in the 90s and 2000s, nowadays there is nothing happening anymore in Rock. As well as in Metal, even though there might still be some new sub-genres emerging like Death-Groove-Metal With Symphonic Elements, but this would be exactly that, and nothing more. Just another sub-genre for a niche audience.”

Gene Simmons daughter ‘sweaty’ backside photo leaks. The fan concluded: “So yes – there’s still rock bands and the old bands draw huge crowds but no – it is certainly not mainstream and without evolution, in the genre, it won’t happen again because even if it happens, it will just be a short-timed nostalgia fad.”