Foo Fighters Leak Massive Pearl Jam Announcement


Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins has confirmed that he recorded material with Pearl Jam drummer Matt Cameron for a mysterious 2020 project that also features Melvins frontman Buzz Osborne.

Hawkins told Tone Deaf, “Me and Matt recorded a couple of songs together and then he and Buzz worked on them separately, and they’re really cool. I’m sure it’ll see the light of day, someday. I just was texting Matt a couple of days ago, actually. He’s a hero, major, major hero of mine, as far as a drummer and a songwriter.

So, yeah, we have a couple of tracks in the can and hoping someday we can put them out. Me and Duff McKagan also have a couple of songs that we recorded together that are just like fun little scrappy garage rock songs that we’ll try to get out at some point.

I just think you should give much as you can with as many people as you can outside of what you normally do. I think it’s good for a musician to do that, I really do.”

Pearl Jam and Foo Fighters are also expected to release new albums in 2020. Spiritual_Chaos speculated about new Pearl Jam album market opportunities on the Ten Club board, “Other than 1-2 music videos and a short behind the scenes by Danny Clinch and the old fashioned playing at a Late show or two (maybe even Ellen this time?). Do you think this time around they will swing by some podcasts? Eddie doing Marc Marons pod, or Conan O’Brien’s like Neil Young just did?

And do you think they will visit YouTube channels (where people are actually watching in 2020)? Like Noel Gallagher going on Hot Ones or Arnold Schwarzenegger breaking down all his movies in whatever YouTube channel he was on? Will they visit Amoeba for a ‘what’s in my bag’ (Tobias Forge of Ghost bought a KISS album)? Will Mike do a Wikipedia Fact and Fiction on Loudwire? Seems to be the strategy for many people pushing films/music nowadays. Will Eddie be on Maron?”

Pearl Jam are rumored to honor a tragedy with a show next year. Zod responded, “Hahaha, no, this band (Eddie specifically) don’t like to do media. They always do the bare minimum. I’m not sure doing it helps sales that much anyways. The album is mostly going to sell to the core audience. All you need to do is let those people know (social media, email, single to radio…they usually stuff). Eddie doesn’t really ever do proper interviews. Can’t see him doing podcasts.”

You can read the full Taylor Hawkins interview at Tone Deaf.