Pearl Jam Member Calls Out Kanye West For ‘Kardashian Publicity Stunt’


Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament criticized Kanye West for his support of President Donald Trump in a new NME interview.

What do you think of someone like Kanye West recently coming out in support of Trump?

“I love Kanye, I saw the last Kanye tour and I thought it was one of the greatest things ever, but then when he opened his mouth, I swung the other way. I think he’s just, you know, with the Kardashians and that whole thing. All of it is just a big publicity stunt. He’s been out of the news for a few months, so I think he’s looking to generate some. He says something about dragons, I don’t know, dragon energy, whatever that is.”

Does this affect your enjoyment of his music?

“I have a hard time separating the art from the artist. There’s certain artists where I don’t read their interviews because it really affects me enjoying their music. I wish I hadn’t opened that text that had the article about dragon energy and Donald Trump. It’s unfortunate.”

West recently called the President his ‘brother’ and said they share the same ‘dragon energy.’ He has also recently praised popular African American conservative commentator Candace Owens, doing a joint interview with her and saying he ‘likes the way she thinks.’