Slipknot Icon Reveals Awful Payday: ‘It’s Really Hard’


Slipknot guitarist Jim Root recently told Stay Metal Ray why he’s having his Fender Jazzmaster signature guitar made in Mexico, and why he’s still upset that the payday people will drop for it is over $1,000. Corey Taylor broke his silence recently after a brutal quitting message to fans about social media.

“I’m trying to keep costs down on them. That’s why we have a Squire Tele, which actually – I want to play one of my Squires live. So, they sent me a production sample of the Squire before it came out, and I loved it.

Even the pickups were great and it’s, like, a $500 guitar. I could put my strings on that guitar and play live, which I want to do just like to prove a point. [Laughs] So, the reason these are going to be made in Mexico is because these things are, like, without the Floyds, they’re $1,600 or something, which is a lot of money. That’s a lot of money, especially for a kid that just got his first job or a single parent that’s trying to get a birthday present.

A Slipknot member revealed the bold truth about the new Tool album earlier this week. Root added, “I mean, I know it’s not a lot compared to, like, the $2,500 guitars that are out there, but I mean, if I was a 14-year old kid and there was a $1,600 guitar I wouldn’t be able to get it, I just wouldn’t be able to get it. I would need to borrow, steal, and trade everything I owned off to just have that one guitar.

So, it being made in Mexico has saved a little bit of cost. Like, the Teles are made in Mexico, and they’re still coming in at a grand, and I wanted to keep it under $1,000. It’s really hard to do, so that’s the main philosophy behind that, and they do really good stuff out of the Mexican plant, they make great guitars.”

A Slipknot member unloaded in a new backstage slapping video. AshtonPau recently complained about Slipknot’s web store on the band’s Reddit, “So I ordered a shirt from the Slipknot merch site the day the new album came out and it shipped at the beginning of September and I still haven’t received any notifications about it. Anybody else get their merch yet?”

kingmob555 responded, “I didn’t have long wait time issues, but I’ve had other issues with their official merch page and Outside the 9 page. I’m done ordering from both of those sites. for good, until I know there has been a shift in the way they are managed.”

Bubbles_Green chimed in, “If it actually shipped you should see a tracking number in the order description on your account page. Click that to see its location. If you don’t see a tracking number contact support.”

Ultimate-Guitar transcribed Root’s remarks.