Pearl Jam Member Reveals Why He Misses Chris Cornell ‘Every Day’


Pearl Jam, Temple of the Dog, and Mad Season guitarist Mike McCready wrote touching liner notes for the new Chris Cornell retrospective album:

Chris was undoubtedly one of the greatest singers and songwriters of all time. When he first came on the scene, it was like: ‘God, that guy’s good-looking AND he can play drums, AND he can play bass AND on top of that, he can sing like no one else?!’

But as I quickly learned – even more importantly, Chris had a beautiful heart and soul and was an amazing and encouraging friend.

I will always love Chris for giving me a chance very early on and letting me play leads on the Temple of the Dog album. He handed me a dream in actually getting to play on incredible songs and influenced how I would play on Pearl Jam records in the future. He gave me the break into the music business I’d wanted since I was 11. I feel so extremely blessed and lucky that we were able to finally tour the Temple of the Dog album 25 years later. I wish we could have continued down that road, but am forever grateful for what we had.

I miss Chris every day and will forever sing his praises.

Love and respect.

Mike McCready
January 2018