Pearl Jam Movie Idea Revealed By Howard Stern


Foo Fighters members Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins recently joined Howard Stern for an interview. They spoke about the band’s ‘Studio 666,’ which is a gore-filled horror-comedy starring the group alongside Will Forte, Whitney Cummings, Jeff Garlin, and Jenna Ortega, which was released on February 25. The movie was directed by BJ McDonnell.

Howard Stern reveals a movie idea involving Pearl Jam

Stern and Foo Fighters stars discussed the movie during the interview. Howard had asked if the band saved anything from the film. Dave said he has a bunch of the stuff. Howard went on to say that he believes that the band members have hit into something.

Howard also asked the band members if they think more bands will do this now. Grohl responded saying he thinks they will. Dave said he thinks that it would be great if other bands did the same thing and did Studio 667 and 668. However, Grohl is uncertain about the possibilities of other bands doing a similar project. He said they think about that though. Dave said they could do all kinds of things with other bands.

Stern believes there will be other bands that will follow a similar route. He pitched some movie ideas involving other bands including Eddie Vedder fronted-Pearl Jam. He asked about the potential movies- Neil Young vs. David Crosby and a bunch of zombies. He noted Chucky possibly meeting Fleetwood Mac. He then pitched the idea of Pearl Jam killing Hitler as the plot of a movie (like Inglorious Basterds), and then the band high fives. He said they could have Godzilla vs. Tony Bennett.

During the interview, Howard also stated that when he was watching the Foo Fighters’ starred movie, he was wishing that the Beatles had done something like Foo Fighters’ Studio 666 movie. He lavished the band for investing their own money. He congratulated them on the film.