Josh Klinghoffer Reacts To John Frusciante ‘Rejecting’ Performance


Former Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist Josh Klinghoffer was recently interviewed by Ultimate-Guitar, and he was asked about being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with RHCP in 2012 as the youngest inductee of all time, with John Frusciante refusing to attend and perform at the ceremony. He was also asked about 2020’s inductees. Josh Klinghoffer calling out rude John Frusciante fans was revealed recently.

“I actually don’t pay much attention to that stuff. I didn’t even know who’s up for it this year.” He also send an emotional message to fans after his firing, “From the bottom of my heart, truly… seriously… thank you.”

Marc Maron confirmed why Josh Klinghoffer really left Red Hot Chili Peppers on his blog, “As some of you know I taped an episode of Finding Your Roots a while back. Well, its time has come. It will be on tomorrow night. Tuesday, 1/21 at 8pm on PBS. I know that’s what time it will be on here. Probably the same where you are. It’s me, Jeff Goldblum and Terry Gross. The episode is called 3 Jews. Kidding. Kinda. It’s called ‘Beyond the Pale.’ I’m excited to see what they rendered out of my 3-hour chat with Mr. Gates.

Today I talk to the amazing Brian Cox about his role as Logan Roy on HBO’s Succession. I also talk to him a bit about some of his other million credits. He’s been at it a long time. On Thursday I talk to Josh Klinghoffer. I booked him before he got fired from the Red Hot Chili Peppers. So, we get to talk about that and guitar talk in general. Great talks!”

Josh Klinghoffer is now set to tour with Pearl Jam. ReserviorFrog commented on Reddit, “Let’s be honest, Josh is a nice guy and a decent guitarist but if John wanted back, it’s a no-brainer. Everyone (including the band) knows they haven’t been on top of their game musically since SA and that’s probably why they dumped the 2019 in-progress album and Josh. I’m sure Josh understands that’s the way it needs to be.

Josh became famous playing in the Peppers and created a lot of money and opportunity for himself. Now it’s time for him to grow outside the band and I’m sure the interview with Maron will reflect this.”

Chukitawynao responded, “Of course he was ‘fired’, at least in an ‘asked to leave’ capacity. If John Frusciante says he wants to be in your band, a guitarist of Josh’s caliber would be asked to leave any band on earth, let alone the RHCP. I don’t think this is controversial or unreasonable at all.”

You can read the full Josh Klinghoffer piece at Ultimate-Guitar.