Red Hot Chili Peppers Icon Got In Sad Car Accident


It’s always so hard to let something you love go. Imagine having to let two things go and then one of those things comes back to you and now out of nowhere, you have to make a decision that will rock your world.

Flea went through this exact situation when he and the band had to let go of Josh Klinghoffer when interest was shown on the end of John Frusciante about rejoining the band that he was already so known for. Of course, fans were very on board with having John back as well.

In a recent interview coming off of the newest release of the Chili Peppers, Flea said about firing John Frusciante for Josh Klinghoffer: “Look, he’s an amazing musician, he’s a kind and thoughtful person. I could go to him when I was hurting and crying on the road when I was in my miserable neuroses and depression, but we had a language with John that we developed when we were all much younger. We can do things without really speaking about it, we have this connection. That was harder with Josh, and for Josh too.”


Flea then spoke about just how much damage both internally and externally was caused to himself with having to let Josh go: “I crashed my car into the garage, I was so freaked out about it. You go into the garage and the doors coming down and your mind’s so gone you just go into the door. It was hard.”

Josh and the band are still on good terms and their relationship with forever be secure in both song and everyday life. Josh wishes the rest of the band much more success and the band also wishes him the same. Surely, the door has stayed open for either to walk back to.