Pearl Jam New Album & 2024 Tour Revealed


Pearl Jam Online recently reported that there is a lot of news at Pearl Jam regarding their new album and the 2024 tour.

Several sources of the outlet have contacted us in recent days and the first single from Pearl Jam’s new album should be released between mid-November and mid-December. The group’s new album, their twelfth studio album, produced by Andrew Watt, should instead be released on February 21, 2024.

It has been noted that from March 2024 the band should undertake a first American leg, which should touch the states of the East coast, arrive in Europe in the summer, and then continue to the states of the West coast of the USA in autumn 2024.

Notably, the speculation doesn’t end there as the outlet further noted that the sources who had the opportunity to listen to it, the first single taken from Pearl Jam’s new album would sound like “a decisive return to the origins for the group, something that could have been present in the first side of Vitalogy, but also able to recall the mood of some songs from Riot Act ”.

A representative for the group has contacted us to inform us that there is still no official release date for the new Pearl Jam album.

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