Paul Stanley Wants ‘Prayers’ After Awful KISS Illness


Paul Stanley recently recovered for a sad illness that canceled a KISS Australian tour, and the iconic rhythm guitarist and co-lead vocalist of the rock band KISS wishes all of his devoted fans a Happy Thanksgiving recently, reminding and wanting all of those same followers to not forget those who cannot go home and who are currently serving overseas in the United States military. He posted a photo featuring prayers, seemingly wanting fans to partake and be thankful. Stanley wrote: “Happy Thanksgiving to all! Gratitude to our brave men and women in the military who serve and sacrifice.”This KISS icon admits to ‘fake’ singing, is it Paul Stanley?

In other news regarding KISS and Paul Stanley, a KISS FAQ forum member by the name of KISSRevenge244 had what they described as a ‘very Thanksgiving surprise today’ as the user got to have an improved meet and greet with the KISS singer at a coffee shop. The forum member, who claimed that although the encounter was brief, Stanley was very polite and that the forum member left him alone for the most part because he was with his kids.

Paul Stanley was called ‘fraud’ to his face by KISS fans. The user elaborated about the encounter by saying: “He had a large mobile order that took a while to come out, so he was there for a longer period of time than he probably planned for. A plastic-looking cougar asked for a selfie, but everyone else there was jaded enough to not notice or care who he was.”

Ace Frehley recently rejected surprising Paul Stanley KISS offer. The user then later said: “I just told him that I’ve seen a few shows on the tour already and will be seeing a couple more, to which he was appreciative. I work for a very famous individual so I instinctually always keep my celebrity interactions brief and non-invasive. Admittedly it was weird to hear the barista passively yell out “Paul!” and put his coffees on the counter like he was just another schmuck.”