Pearl Jam Offer Major Update On 2022 Tour


The Rock band Pearl Jam has quite a popularity and it has been announced that throughout the next ten days a year of live music and all things Pearl Jam will be celebrated. The fans have been notified to stay tuned to Pearl Jam’s official website and their social media to celebrate. To kick off the beginning of #10DaysOfPearlJamyou can try to win a Live at Benaroya Hall 4 LP vinyl. They have dropped some major updates for their upcoming tours in the next year. Pearl Jam had ‘regretfully’ changed 2022 tour dates in the past.

Pearl Jam drops huge update

While Stone Gossard shared his favorite The Beatles memories and songs on Tidal, Jeff Ament chose the 5 albums he can’t live without  which were honestly great choices, from Brian Eno’s Discreet Choices to Sigur Rós’ Ágætis byrjun) on Spin.

Jeff also wrote a letter on the latest Ten Club digital newsletter. He thanked the Pearl Jam fans for their patience and support throughout these tough times amid the pandemic. He spoke about the tough decisions which were taken.

You can check it out below:

Today feels like it could be March of 2020, full of ideas, anxiety, potential, the trucks loaded, new(ish) songs and a tour booked. A lot has changed for most of us.

Thanks for vour patience and your trust in us. Like everybody, we’ve had to make tough decisions, that effect those around us. We’re hoping this pause will make for safer and better shows ahead. Looking forward to getting back out there and feeling your energy and sharing the experiences of these past couple years.

We can’t wait to play the new songs and see Gigaton come alive the way that we hoped. We finally get to see live music again and hang with The Pixies, IDLES, White Reaper and Shame, and the bands on the festival bills. Be safe and we’ll see you soon.

– Jeff Ament