Brian Johnson Leaks AC/DC North American Tour Dates


AC/DC singer Brian Johnson confirmed to Dee Snider in a dinner conversation last month that he is back with the band and Angus Young, and they have a new album and tour dates coming in North America and Australia. An AC/DC member recently leaked a ‘skinny’ Paul McCartney photo.

Snider confirmed, “Having had dinner with Brian a month ago. I can confirm that you are correct.”

He added, “I know Brian. He is ready to sing and is singing on the new AC/DC album coming out this year!”

Snider also discussed his petition for AC/DC to play the Super Bowl halftime show next year. He said, “WE ARE FAST APPROACHING 10K SIGNATURES BUT WE ARE GOING TO NEED A LOT MORE THAN THAT TO GET @nflcommish ATTENTION! KEEP SPREADING THE WORK! #WEWANNAROCKSB55.”

Dee wrote as well, “How much would we love to see the train, the cannons, the Hells Bell THE MONSTER @acdc SHOW center field for @SuperBowl 55 2021!! @NFL. @nflcommish #WEWANNAROCKSB55.” He later ranted, “HEY @Change WTF IS GOING ON! OUR PETITION AS BEEN STUCK A 9,980-SOMETHING FOR HOURS!! RELOAD, I CAN SEE THE COUNTER CLICKING AWAY BUT IT STOPS SHORT OF 10K EVERY TIME!! WE NEED AN ACCURATE DAMN COUNT NOW!!!” He also posted, “HEY @Change WE ARE FIGHTING A WAR HEAR! DON’T HAMSTRING US WITH YOUR LOUSY COUNTER! GET US A REAL COUNT!!”

A fan then told Snider that rock is ‘on life support.’ He shot back, “You are so beyond wrong it is stunning! Get out of your house and out to the clubs and local halls. Stop listening to the same music over & over dreaming about “the good ol’ days”. The best days are now! There is incredible music being created out there! Join us don’t fight us!”

He added, “That’s the problem between rock then & now – exposure & promotion. Today everything is niche/target marketed. M any people never get to hear what’s going on. IT SUCKS! But it’s reality. It’s on us to work harder to make sure great new rock bands get heard…but it always was!” AC/DC rumored to be ‘firing’ a singer before a 2020 tour announcement was just revealed.