Pearl Jam Reveal ‘Nervousness’ About Ticket Sales


Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard revealed in a KISW interview why he was nervous about ticket sales for the band’s upcoming shows at Safeco Field in Seattle prior to them going on sale. Since they’ve gone on sale tickets have gone fast, so Stone had nothing to be worried about!

“Seattle is probably more nerve-racking than most shows, if not all of them, because it is your family, your friends. I think we were expecting to sell tickets, but you never know, and it’s been awhile since we played here. My nervousness was we were going to put Safeco on sale, and it was going to be half full, and we were going to be like oops! Your audience has become more selective.”

Gossard later revealed why he is inspired by Bill Gates.

“Or even somebody like Bill Gates, who has given so much money. He’s made a bunch of money, but he’s really made this enormous sort of gift, of all of this capital that he has accrued, and the Gates Foundation is doing incredible work all over the world. That’s a guy that’s inspiring, that’s a guy that I think will inspire other rich people to give their money to causes, instead of giving it to their spoiled children.”

Pearl Jam recently said about their upcoming Seattle concerts, “The Home Shows will be our first Seattle concerts in 5 years.

Most of us grew up here. Over the past 28 years, the City of Seattle’s population has grown by 28%. The region’s homelessness population is now the third largest in the country, with nearly 12,000 people living without shelter. This is not a number to be proud of.

These shows are about shining a spotlight on the problem and solutions to homelessness in our hometown and joining a growing list of businesses, individuals, government agencies, and foundations who are collaborating to tackle the biggest public health crisis to hit our community in recent history.

We are committing $1M from The Home Shows to help address this issue. Join us by donating, volunteering, and getting more informed.”