Pearl Jam Reveal When They Will Finish New Album


Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament told Kerrang in a new interview that the band hope to finish their new album in the fall, and that it should take a couple of months.

“We’ve done a ton of writing, but other than finishing up Can’t Deny Me, it’s just going to take for us to all be in a room together for a couple of months and record this stuff,” explains Jeff. “Hopefully we’ll get some time this fall to get back at it.”

Ament was heartened when Eddie and Mike presented “Can’t Deny Me” to the band.

“It’s a heavy song and such a great performance from Ed,” he reflects. “In these times, it’s good to have a song like that to get it off our chest. That’s one of the great parts about the band. We sort of earned this platform to speak about the things that we see as truths and to represent the people in our corner.”

Ament also had a message to supporters of President Donald Trump.

“Your only chance is to not be super-aggressive,” explains Jeff. “You say, in your most loving, calm voice, ‘What are you thinking? How do you support this guy? I don’t understand. Help me understand, you seem like a great guy, you’re a great dad, how can you buy into this?’”