Zaritza’s “Diseased” Video Is Mystifying Treat For No Doubt & Paramore Fans


Zaritza. Learn this name well because before you know it, she may just be a huge name in rock in a very short time. With a combination of high-energy, pop infused rock and brutally honest lyrics, Zaritza pulls no punches through the vicious “Diseased” If you think of a musical mash-up of Paramore and Fall Out Boy, you may be on the right path to having an inclination of the sonic assault of Zaritza.

“Diseased” mystifies as it pulls from multiple genres to totally own you. Sultry, sassy and fierce, Zaritza’s wicked vocals take center stage throughout. Hailing from New York, the amount of pure attitude oozing through is no surprise. The double tracked vocals in the second chorus will momentaily take you from head-banding to head-spinning in awe.

In the chorus, Zaritza declares, “I don’t care anymore. No need to say goodbye, you’ll never see me cry” like a champ, holding back nothing. Her undeniable willingness to take her lyrics to the absolute zenith of honesty just adds to the addictive vibe and sing-along-ness of the song. Zaritza mesmerizes with her vocal prowess but it is her lyrics that seal the deal.

Musically, the rocking guitars and glorious guitar solo keep the momentum running all the way throughout. There is a definite pop sensibility throughout, though the rock is on full display thanks to some great musicianship. All of this in conjunction with the high production of the song’s fantastic video make the perfect package for you to get familiar with this soon to be star!

Check out Zaritza across her social media sites below and check out “Diseased”!