Pearl Jam’s Rumored Major Announcement Date Revealed


Bandalismo is reporting a rumor that Pearl Jam will announce new summer 2018 European tour dates on December 4th.

They reported (via translation), “The daily drip will remain constant until December 4, when everything seems to point to the announcement that everyone has been waiting for, the European tour of Pearl Jam, which will finish setting the three dates that initially have in the peninsula and that at the moment sound like July 10 in Barcelona, ​​July 12 in Madrid and July 14 in Lisbon. We will be expectant.”

Pearl Jam expert dimitrispearljam recently posted new 2018 tour rumors on the Ten Club forums.

A fan asked, “Is there anything other new and unusual compared to the usual dublin,london,amsterdam,arras,werchter,copenhagen,berlin, italy x 2 + festivals in spain and portugal?”

He responded, “yes..and alot of the above countries,arent in the tour.”

“there is a must go arena show…they never played before in this town…
when i saw it,,i felt..this is the “moline” european show right there
date sucks for my trip..cos seems need to skip other shows ..return to greece and return back for this show only..if i miss it,,i know ill regret it..shit.”