Pearl Jam Rumored To Be Planning Major Shows: ‘Fun Times Are Coming’


I know Pearl Jam fans love to take the piss out of Alternative Nation for posting Ten Club tour rumors, but dimitrispearljam has been the most reliable source on the internet for breaking scoops on Pearl Jam tours before they were officially announced for many years now.

He has now posted that ‘fun times’ are coming, with major Pearl Jam or Eddie Vedder solo shows in the works. He didn’t specify where the shows would be, but he lives in Greece and said he would need his passport to attend the shows, so they’re obviously not in Greece. He also said that Pearl Jam do not plan to play live during the first half of 2019, and he is not hinting at a Pearl Jam summer European tour or an Australian tour. Below are some recent posts, and note that English is not Dimitri’s first language.

dimitrispearljam posted:

“funs times for some of us are coming…”

“i like common sense .i don’t see any shows at first half of 2019.and nothing in the works for PJ shows for that period. unless something crazy change that but i doubt it.”

“aussie tour is related usually with new album. at the moment no release date of album i said for SURE i’m using my passport.”

“no PEARL JAM  in europe summer 2019.”

HughFreakingDillon posted:

“ok, so I did a little research: he does not need a passport to these countries:

Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

he says no canada.
he says no australia without album cycle. 

my guess is this means he is traveling either to the US, or they are planning yet another south american run.”

dmitrispearljam posted:

“I need passport to all the above u mention,cos im greek but in airforce,,all greeks no need passport to those countries you mention but military needs passports to all countries.cos we are not allowed to use our id cos its classified so if i want to go to belgium ill use my passport while other greek citizens don’t need passport just an id.”

He later posted:

“my english isn’t good, but i’m not stupid to not understand when someone tries to twist my words..i’ve been asked if i’m traveling to canada this year,when i said i know for sure i’m traveling..and said nope because obviously i know i’m going to other destination…if i have to guess when ill know where and when?? hmmm..maybe month..i’ll know that answer.”

“What i know for sure is that most of you don’t have any idea who i am and what i know. and the most important thing is i don’t care about all.

the most funny part of all is that i’m a lot of years around here and nothing can bully me or any kind of assault or insults can affect me, i’m the master of ignore people which means nothing to me.”

He also posted about shows he plans to attend this year:

“New order and The Cure at the moment for sure. but those 2 bands i don’t need a passport. as for pj..dont know ,depends what they will book but i know for sure i’m gonna use my passport in 2019 for some reason tho.”