Pearl Jam Rumored To Play Huge Seattle Concerts


Pearl Jam could play a residency in Seattle at the new Climate Arena, according to a new Seattle Times article. PearlJamOnline tweeted, “During an interview with @SeattleTimes, Tim Leiweke dangled the possibility of an extended residency of @PearlJam in the @ClimateArena.”

Mike McCready also recently wrote on Pearl Jam’s website about a national crisis, “As I see the reports of Asian communities under attack, their businesses pillaged, their lives threatened and even taken, I find myself reflecting on my own experience with Asian cultures and some remarkable people who have changed my life. Today in particular, I was thinking about my martial arts journey.

Since I was young, I felt drawn towards the martial arts but there was always a reason I couldn’t pursue it, real or imagined. Seven years ago, I reached a place where I knew I needed to act on it and contacted Inosanto Academy of Martial Arts where I connected with Si Fu Chris Clarke, founder of NW Kali. Kali is a Filipino martial art and I began studying the Inosanto method of Kali from Chris, a student of Guro Dan Inosanto, two men I credit with making my life better.

Both psychologically and physically, I find Kali to be very challenging. I don’t talk about it much because it’s about humility and purpose and I am deeply respectful of the incredible gift of this method of Kali that Guro Dan Inosanto has bestowed upon his students. Kali made my life better – more confident, improved physical wellbeing, and even impacted my guitar playing. Guro Dan is a national treasure and an American icon. I have even been lucky enough to attend two seminars led by Guro Dan through Si Fu Clarke. I am humbled to have been able to have met a man like Guro Dan and know that I will never know as much as Si Fu Clarke.

It is clear to me, and many others who have much more experience than I do, that Guro Dan Inosanto is one of the greatest martial arts teachers of all time. His humble demeanor is in quiet contrast to his strong and lightning efficiency in strikes, blocks, locks, knife work, sticks and hundreds of other techniques. He is a true Asian American hero to me who I admire and am in constant awe of. I can’t imagine my life without the contributions of this man and more broadly the gifts from Asian cultures.

I hope we will also be able to find the courage to not just take from our Asian neighbors what benefits us but to truly embrace our friends and stand up for them when they are under attack. We each have the power to stop the hate being directed towards Asian communities.

Thank you Guro Dan for making the world a better and safer place!”