Pearl Jam Spoofed On Carpool Karaoke By Big Names: ‘I Don’t Know The Song’


Carpool Karaoke’s latest episode had a hilarious Pearl Jam “Alive” spoof according to a new Rolling Stone report, and it featured iconic athletes Tony Hawk, Kelly Slater and Shaun White doing their best Eddie Vedder impressions.

White admits to being “super quiet” during the verses because “I don’t know the song.”

“I watched [Vedder] at Austin City Limits and the girl next to me was crying like on my shoulder,” White said. “She was like ‘I just love this band,’ and was in tears.”

Slater, who is friends with Vedder, said, “That whole era of the Nineties, when Nirvana and Pearl Jam came out, it seemed like everyone tried to start singing like Eddie Vedder.”

Hawk said, “Yeah, you can’t sing along to Pearl Jam without really trying to sound like him.”

The three athletes then give “Alive” another spin, with White delivering his best Vedder impression.

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Eddie Vedder is set to tour in Europe this summer, including a show at Wembley Stadium opening for The Who. He will perform at the Innings Festival in Arizona next month along with Incubus. Pearl Jam wrapped up their 2018 tour in September, and the state of the band’s new album has remained in limbo since then.