A Perfect Circle Reveal When They Plan To Release New Music


A Perfect Circle guitarist Billy Howerdel discussed the band’s plans to release new music in a new interview with Billboard.

“We’re not promising anything, but I have every intention of doing my best to have us playing some new tracks during this run — with the idea that new music is coming very soon after,” Howerdel tells Billboard. “It felt similar to me to the very first thing we ever did. When Maynard and I first started talking about working together in 1999, we collaborated on two songs, and the idea hatched to, ‘Let’s do a live show,’ and let that fire under our ass be what’s going to propel us to finish this music. … And we approached it the same way this year. I said, ‘We’re gonna do shows,’ and with those shows there’s the hope of having some new music to go along with the shows. So let’s let that be the thing that puts us in a panic mode.”

Howerdel hopes A Perfect Circle will release a new album in 2017.

“To have that happen now is shocking, and I’m still humbled by it all the time,” he says. “Years go by, and people still care and pay attention. There’s always a little bit of, ‘Oh, I hope people still remember.’ I’m older. I have kids. I know a lot of my peers listen to more talk radio than they do music — and I’m probably no different. But there’s certain things that stick with me from years ago, and I guess some people feel the same.”