Phil Collins Viciously Attacks Paul McCartney


Recently in The Telegraph, music critic Neil McCormick compiled memories from some of the biggest names in music like Bono, and Mike Batt, that have talked about meeting and working with Paul McCartney. One of them is Phil Collins who is best known for his tenure as the drummer and lead singer of the rock band Genesis.

McCormick writes that it is hard to find anyone who hates McCartney, except Collins who actively appears to dislike him. Collins has said that McCartney would be condescending because he is a Beatle. Apparently, he would even call Collins a little Beatles fan.

“I’ve played with him. He’s obviously got the upper hand, because he’s a Beatle, and he would always condescend. ‘Little Phil’s a Beatles fan!’ I find it aggravating.”

However, there are much better stories of McCartney as well. Bono from U2 has said that McCartney is a more complex person than people think. The two came across each other in U2’s dressing room before a show, where McCartney wanted to see what the band members were wearing. When McCartney was told by the stylist that Bono was going to wear a Christian Dior jacket, he informed them that he also had a similar jacket from the same brand. But he had no problems with Bono wearing it at the show, stating that he would wear it later.

“Paul is a much more complex character than people realise. He came into our dressing room before the show to check out what we were wearing.

“He spotted a jacket and said, “Is that a Christian Dior?”. Our stylist says, ‘Yeah.’ He says, ‘Stella just bought me one of them. Who’s wearing that?’ ‘Bono.’ ‘Listen man,’ says Paul, ‘I’ve just got my jacket for the show. You can’t wear it.’ I went, ‘Okay.’

“The same guy who obviously contrived the mop top and worked with his manager on those Beatles suits could spot a designer label by the cut of it. Which is why I went out in denim, looking like a mechanic. I was going to posh it up, but Paul ran off with me stage frock! And then he didn’t even wear it!”