Metallica Singer James Hetfield ‘Bloated’ Photos Leak


Metallica fans have pointed out a change in James Hetfield’s appearance as he relapsed before entering rehab a few weeks ago, though Hetfield never confirmed if he relapsed on alcohol or drugs. While Hetfield’s appearance may have changed, despite his private struggles he always was very kind to fans and gave great performances. Metallica fans don’t intend to disrespect Hetfield by discussing his relapse, but they are simply searching for answers regarding their beloved frontman. Jason Newsted recently reacted to a small crowd at a show.

Esteban Andrés tweeted in May, long before Hetfield entered rehab, “It kinda worries me how much my dear James Hetfield has aged in the past couple years. Since the Hardwired tour started he’s been looking a bit bloated. Not fat, bloated. It worries me cause in some cases a sudden weight gain may be due to an underlying health condition.”

nickyurbz posted on Reddit (a photo also surfaced of Hetfield’s 2019 look evolution), “I think it is very interesting that once we all noticed the physical changes that James was going through (the bloated face, and aging) that comes with an alcoholic relapse, he started returning to his 90’s look? James has not had long hair and facial hair like this in over 20 years.. it seems like it is almost like a return to form. The handle bar mustache and long hair looks like he is in the 90’s again, when his alcohol addiction was at its peak.

I think his decision to grow out all of his hair again might be a return to his early form, since this is his first relapse in almost 20 years…”

Lars Ulrich filmed a stunning Axl Rose video last weekend. Machinax commented, “I don’t think anyone’s hair has been as over-analyzed as James Hetfield’s.” Cris9608 responded, “He has great hair.”

Machinax wrote, “He does, but us fans have a way of seeing patterns that aren’t there.”

“He’s growing his hair out, that means they’re going back to the 80s style of classic thrash metal and borderline alcoholism! He’s cut his hair short, that means they’re going to make more mature music and spend time with their families! You can see his beer gut, that means he’s falling off the wagon! You can’t see his beer gut, that means he’s on a diet! He’s got a goatee, that means … fucking… I don’t know, he’s calling for help! He’s got a mustache, that means he’s not!”

GerasKruspe said, “I think he wanted to grow his hair one last time before time won’t allow it anymore. And, after receiving amazing comments from the fans, he decided to continue and then added the stash.” AloneGarden responded, “Yeah. I think that’s why Lars grew his hair out about 5 years ago. He knew he was balding so might as well grow it out one last time.” Howard Stern revealed why James Hetfield really entered rehab on his show recently with Robin Quivers