Photos Of Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters & Nirvana Members At Chris Cornell’s Funeral


Brad Pitt, Pharrell, Dave Grohl, Pat Smear, Lisa Marie Presley, Dave Navarro, Jimmy Page, Courtney Love, Gavin Rossdale, James Franco, Christian Bale, Josh Brolin, Billy Idol, Krist Novoselic, Joe Walsh, Lars Ulrich, and James Hetfield attended Chris Cornell’s funeral.

The singer was eulogized by Tom Morello, Pearl Jam’s Jeff Ament, and Matt Cameron, Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington and Brad Delson, Soundgarden’s Kim Thayil and Josh Brolin. Chris’ wife Vicky was also in attendance. The report states that the surviving members of Soundgarden and Audioslave were in attendance.

View the photos below via TMZ/AP.

  • autumnal poets
  • Woobie!

    I see Mike Bordin was there. Faith no more and Soundgarden used to tour together a lot. RIP Chris

    • Diana

      All pictures refer to him as “guest” ughhh…

  • Raj

    Rough, I bet for Grohl and Novoselic it brings up a lot of memories for them went Kurt died. Only they know what Ben Shepard, Kim Thayil and Matt Cameron are going through it having lived it 23 years ago.

    • Joe Costigan

      Jerry, Mike and Sean have felt the same grief albeit Layne had a “slow suicide”. It’s just sad to think of that amazing era in the 90s when all those bands were all around at their peak together and for three of the most amazing lead singers in rock history are all deceased.

      Chris’s suicide still baffles the hell out of me. It’s just a damn shame.

      • Raj

        Agreed, so much talent gone. Yeah just sitting around waiting for the next SG album and then just like that Chris is gone. Very weird and strange.

  • toni

    Why didn’t you caption the photos? Lazy!

    • shane

      Where is Eddie Vedder?

      • Corndog


  • Nick Freno

    I also saw a picture of Sean Kinney of Alice In Chains there. He was in a picture with John Franco.

    • dakotablue

      I thought I spotted Sean, too.

  • Nick Freno

    I’m disappointed that Eddie Vedder didnt go. I know people grieve differently and have their owns way but he should have been there. Without Cornell Eddie might have never had a career in music.

    • Corndog

      How so? He’d already travelled to Seattle to meet the (future) Pearl Jam guys to begin recording Ten. That’s how he met Chris. Ten was going to happen regardless of the TOTD record. I know Chris filled the friendly mentor role, but if anything I’d say he might not have had a musical career without Jack Irons.

      I have the deepest sympathy for his family and I’m sorry that he’s gone, but I don’t follow the logic of how Cornell was responsible for Eddie’s career.

      Ultimately, although we may feel that we know these people on an almost personal level we really actually don’t. We can speculate but we don’t know Eddie’s reasons for not being there until or unless he chooses to share.

      • Nick Freno

        Remember that the song “Hunger Strike” is the first time Vedder sang on a song. Cornell made Vedder feel comfortable in Seattle. Vedder was an outsider. He helped mentor him and give him the confidence to be in Pearl Jam.

        • Corndog

          Absolutely, he was very nice to him when he arrived in Seattle and he let him sing on TOTD but my point is that’s not the reason Eddie was there. Even if he hadn’t sang on TOTD he was still going to perform with the PJ guys, and still going to record with them. Sure, Chris made him feel welcome and comfortable but he wasn’t responsible for his career.

          Like I said though, we don’t know what goes on behind closed doors and we don’t know what’s going on in Eddie’s head. For all we know, the last time they spoke maybe they had a massive argument and told each other they never wanted to see each other again? Maybe the wife called Eddie and told him he wasn’t welcome for some reason? Not saying either of these things actually happened but using them as an example that we really just don’t know and all we’re really doing is blind speculation. For that reason I don’t think folks should crucify Eddie, and afford him the benefit of the doubt. That’s fair enough, right?

      • InterestedinFacts

        sounds like nick fresno is following toni kirriayanis on twitter

  • sifting .

    grohls upsidedown cross necklace..

    • Kail

      No, he wears an Icelandic Thor’s hammer pendant

      • sifting .

        good catch, learn something new

  • Joe Costigan

    Something I never really appreciated about Cornell was how he was like the Godfather of the whole Seattle scene. Cobain and Nirvana blew the flood gates open for sure but to me it really seems like Cornell was like that presence that loomed over the scene and kind of connected all the bands together.

    Found this clip on Youtube. Kind of sad when he talkes about Kurt’s suicide. But from his own mouth he states how he feels about Eddie Vedder. The Alice In Chains comments made me laugh.

    • Corndog

      Weird. I came across this very clip quite accidentally while flicking through YouTube in bed last night:)

  • Joe Costigan

    Mike Inez was also there. He looks just as pained as Jerry did. Such a loss.

  • Desmond Bartollucci

    Chris was murdered ????????
    There is a long list of stars of interest.