Pink Floyd Reveal David Gilmour Demand Before Death


On episode three of the Pink Floyd podcast ‘The Lost Art of Conversation: A Pink Floyd Podcast, one associate of the iconic Pink Floyd art worker and photographer Storm Thorgerson describes how he was selected to carry on the Pink Floyd legacy and legacy of Thorgerson after Storm’s death in 2013. Alternative Nation transcribed his comments. This Pink Floyd icon ‘threatens’ bandmate after mistake at show.

David Gilmour recently revealed if Roger Waters ‘faked’ this performance. The associate said: “Before Storm died in 2013, there had been conversations with David [Gilmour] and Nick [Mason] about who would carry on the legacy of the artwork and my name was put forward by Storm. We talked about it openly before he died that he said: “I want you to carry on the tradition”. So after he passed away I sat with the guys and talked about it all. I said: “Okay, let’s have a go at it. You know I’m not Storm but let’s do it.” It worked.”

David Gilmour savagely called out this Pink Floyd ‘loudmouth’. He continued: “Of course, I designed the exhibition ‘Their Mortal Remains’, the Brazil Victorian Albert Museum and that was hugely successful and I think this really did establish my relationship back with Pink Floyd in that sense and carrying the baton on from Storm. So when we came to things like Endless River, Richard Wright passed away, Storm Thorgerson passed away, so there was a sense of looking back within this river to music and work that had been done before. It was quite an emotional time because we were looking at old footage of Rick in the studio, looking at photographs.