Pink Floyd Member Drops 2020 Reunion Bombshell


Will we see a Pink Floyd reunion? Recording english record producer and recording engineer. John Leckie and founding member of the progressive rock iconic group, Nick Mason discussed that and other topics in a new interview with Loudersound. Mason recently apppeared with his Pink Floyd brothers in arms Roger Waters and David Gilmour at one of Waters’ shows over in London, England recently and was not dismissive of the idea. Roger Waters made this disgusting Pink Floyd demand.

Mason told told Classic Rock the following:

Mason: “I’d love to do something like Live 8 again,” he says. Then he adds, perhaps enigmatically: “If it was to be arranged.”

Leckie then discussed the 1971 album by Roy Harper, Stormcock.

Leckie: “I’m sure that one of the reasons that they did Echoes was because of Roy Harper. They shared management with Roy and he was a big mate of the band. He was always around and he was working on Stormcock. I’d worked with Roy and I think played a big part in my being hired for Meddle.”

A Pink Floyd icon recently admitted to lip syncing in a video. John Leckie continued:

Leckie: “I don’t think it was any kind of one-upmanship with Roy,” says Mason. “Roy was extraordinary. I loved the fact that he could do a song differently every time. He’d record with a band but the acoustic version would be just as good. And he never used them. God knows where those recordings are.”

Mason: “We quickly worked out that doing a song like Echoes was comparatively easy because of the repetition. Listening to it now it sounds a bit overlong – it could be chopped out of it which would make a better piece.”

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Reddit user dontbedenied asked the question: “How did Roger Waters come to dominate vocals so much after Dark Side of the Moon” in a new topic posed on the Pink Floyd subreddit.

The user wrote: “I’m not as hardcore a fan as some, but it’s clear that Waters’ vocal duties increased substantially after Dark Side of the Moon (especially on The Wall and The Final Cut, although he is also more featured on Wish You Were Here and Animals). From what I can tell, he was far less involved in the lead vocals in the albums prior, even if he was substantially involved in the songwriting.

What happened? I’ve listened to all PF albums a number of times, but I know next to nothing about the band history. I’m surprised Gilmour (who doesn’t seem to be a pushover) relented and let Waters take over so much of the vocal duty. And Richard Wright seems to have completely disappeared vocally after Dark Side of the Moon.”

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