Queen Icon Calls Van Halen Bandmate ‘Terrifying’


Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth solo bandmate Steve Vai was recently filmed with Queen guitarist Brian May. May called Vai a ‘terrifying guitar maestro.’

Much electricity in the air ! First rehearsal with my dear old pal and terrifying guitar maestro STEVE VAI – and so exciting to meet this fabulous young ensemble from Lucerne – the 21st Century Orchestra and Choir. Awesome STARMUS moments. Bri

He added, “Honoured to be working with these venerable musical warriors – Steve Vai and Hans Zimmer. Bring it on !!! Bri”

A Van Halen reunion tour has been rumored, while Brian May is preparing for a summer Queen + Adam Lamber tour to celebrate the success of the Bohemian Rhapsody film.

May also recently posted, “I’m off !!! To STARMUS in Zürich ! I will be speaking and projecting in 3-D – commemorating 50 years since the Apollo missions to the Moon. And I will be performing MUSIC !!! It not in a way anyone expects, I think. It will be VERY ‘experimental’!!! Still time to get a ticket for the concert night – THIS MONDAY 24th June – or a pass for the whole festival. You’ll get the chance to see BUZZ ALDRIN (Apollo 11 !!!) speak and maybe give him a hug ! And Apollo astronauts CHARLIE DUKE (Apollo 16) !!! HARRISON SCHMIDT (Apollo 17) !!! RUSTY SCHWEICKERT ! And see special wonders performed by —- STEVE VAI ! HANS ZIMMER !! RICK WAKEMAN !!! Ouch ! And me … This will happen only once in a lifetime. See you there, folks — Bri”

“Two citations for this year’s Stephen Hawking Medal awards. Delivered ! Now I take a musical step into the void !!! Bri”

“This pic is definitely going on my wall. A proud moment presenting the amazing BUZZ ALDRIN with his Stephen Hawking medal. I’m glad I came to STARMUS !!! Photo : Nicole Ettinger – Bri”