Queen Icon ‘Shocking’ Photo After Vicious ‘Attack’ Revealed


Queen guitarist Brian May has posted on Instagram, “Not so happy, this picture. Hope it isn’t too shocking. This poor girl badger was found by two little girls and their family, in a sad state, with deep bite wounds apparently inflicted by a large dog. Right now we don’t know any more. Badger baiting still goes in – a vile ‘sport’ in which dogs are sent into badger setts and terrible wounds are suffered by both animals. But maybe there is another explanation here – maybe the attack was due to her getting lost and a dog attacking her. Yes, she’s a girl, and the little human girls who found her have christened her Luna. She’s currently under sedation with pain killers and antibiotics – we’re hoping she’ll stabilise tonight. Check out @anneatsaveme for updates. Bri.”

He posted earlier, “The Sol-Fa family are thriving ! The seven little fox cubs – that you guys helped to name – Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, and Ti, have noticeably grown in just the 3 days I was away. Already Anne can tell who is who – not sure I can yet. 3 girls, Do, Mi and La, and 4 boys, Re, Fa, So, and Ti. The biggest by fa (sorry – far) is Ti – with a conspicuous white tip on his tail. (This isn’t at all@confusing, is it ?!) Lady La is the smallest, and probably in the natural world would have got pushed out of the feeding and might not have made it out of the Earth. But here she stands a good chance of growing big and strong. And hopefully happy. Bri.”