Slipknot Member Reveals How Big Name Faked Death


Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor was recently interviewed by Swiss media station SRF 3 in promotion for the 2019 Greenfield Festival, here Taylor reveals how he went sightseeing during his travels to a place where a big name once faked his death. Alternative Nation transcribed Taylor’s comments

Taylor: I’m ready to rock.

Brune: You’re ready to rock?

Taylor: I’m ready to fucking rock!

Brune: That’s good. I follow you on Instagram and I saw that you spent the day sightseeing. 

Taylor: Yeah, I did a little bit, yeah. I went to Reichenbach Falls, which was so killer, man. We almost went to the top of the falls, my knees had to stop me at the first observation deck. I wanted to keep going but I was like, dying, I was like: “Jesus Christ, what am I stupid?” but it was gorgeous. Being a huge Sherlock Holmes fan I was really, really [inaudible]. I didn’t know how close it was to here. So when we discovered it I was like: “we gotta go, we gotta do this”, it was really, really cool.

Brune: So did you know the place because of Sherlock Holmes?

Taylor: I did, yeah. For those of your that don’t know, it’s allegedly where Sherlock Holmes met his fate fighting Moriarty, which was an arch nemesis. They both perished going over Reichenbach Falls or Reickenback Falls I think is the way you pronounce it

[the duo struggle over the pronunciation]

Taylor: But then, and here is the funny thing, Doyle, Sir Conan Doyle realized after three years that people were really, really mad that he had killed off Sherlock Holmes. So he had brought him back, had him fake his own death and brought him back and brought him back in I believe 1897 with the return of Sherlock Holmes – it’s pretty funny.

Brune: Such a good story.