Queens of the Stone Age Reuniting With Big Names?


Collaboration has long been a cornerstone of the music industry, with artists joining forces to create something truly unique and extraordinary. In recent years, we have witnessed a notable trend in the world of bands, which is the practice of inviting other artists to contribute to their albums to make something hyper-unique in a very bland musical world. This collaborative spirit has led to a rich tapestry of musical diversity, pushing boundaries and delivering fresh perspectives. Today, we think a bit about what Queens Of The Stone Age are up to on their newest effort.

When bands open their doors to collaborating artists, they invite a fusion of different styles, sounds, and influences. This fusion allows for the creation of music that transcends traditional genre boundaries and delivers a refreshing, innovative experience to listeners. By blending their individual musical identities, bands and guest artists can construct a sonic landscape that defies expectations and captivates audiences in new and unexpected ways.

When it comes to Queens Of The Stone Age, we already know how connected the band are to just about every rocker in the industry. So, Reddit took the time for us to think about some possible collaborators on the new record as well as helping us to confirm who will definitely be on the album.

Names have been dropped everywhere for this album. A commenter started off the conversation by saying: “Would love for Reznor to make a proper appearance where he can flex his vocal muscles more. Love Era Vulgaris track but he was shifted way too much to the background for my liking.” Sadly, it doesn’t feel like Trent Reznor will be making any appearances here. If he does, it would be shocking to say the least.

Another alternative icon was named in the form of Matt Helders of Arctic Monkeys who is for sure on the album. A Redditor said: “Matt Helders of Artic Monkeys is credited as performing on Emotion Sickness, but I’m not sure what his role was. My guess would be vocals as opposed to drums.”

Other artists have been named as well with some having already sadly passed away.

A fan said: “Be nice to hear (Mark) Lanegan again, I know he’s been gone a while but depends how long these tracks have been in the works. I guess it’s pretty unlikely as vocals also tend to be recorded last.” This again sounds a bit far fetched, but we certainly would love to hear this colab.

Two more icons were named as for sure guests through Billy Gibbons who formerly said that both he and Dave Grohl were working on the album at the time a while back.

Lastly, a Redditor said about this: “Billy said it himself in an interview and he confirmed Dave Grohl. It’s in a bunch of follow up articles.”

Who do you think will be on the record? Let’s here it.