Rage Against The Machine ‘Goodbye’ Note To Fans Leaks


Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello wrote a ‘goodnight’ note to Kobe Bryant that he posted for fans on his social media on Sunday. Rage Against The Machine reunion tour dates venues were just leaked.

“Had the good fortune to see him play many times. His unswerving commitment to greatness will continue to inspire generations to come. Goodnight, Champ. #Kobe.”

RATM fans recently discussed Zack de la Rocha’s long delayed debut solo album on Reddit. Oisinml101 posted, “Him and Elp together was too fucking great and the world leaders came together to say it couldn’t happen for the sake of our minds not being blown.”

The_ham_guy responded, “This has happened with every solo Zack record. Zack and Trent denied. Zack and Shadow denied. Zack and El-P denied. The only reason why ODaaL day got released is it was just an EP and the world leaders (like most people) don’t know drummers so overlooked Jon Theodore as the monster drummer he is.”

Mctaylo89 added, ” I wish so bad that El-P and Zack would get an album out together. El-P is such a good producer and Zach is still as good on the mic as ever.”

Jag_umiak_roans said, “Keeps getting cold feet. I don’t know why though, people love him! Zack IS RATM, and if he dropped an album we would all lose it in the best way possible. He don’t need the others guys (no offense to them), he would have a lucrative solo career especially now.” Rage Against The Machine recently unloaded on Dave Grohl disrespect.