Rage Against The Machine New U.S. Tour Dates Revealed


Rage Against The Machine are set to tour North America this spring, and Mikelinsf on the RATM Reddit has appeared to have figured out some of the venues they will be playing. Rage Against The Machine recently posted a new 2020 reunion photo.

“I thought by now Rage Against the Machine would have announced information for El Paso, TX, Las Cruces, NM, and Phoenix, AZ … but no.

I got fed up (Anger Is A Gift) and decided to do some digging. TL; DR By contacting various city/county permit departments and venue facility management these are my best guesses for the venues RATM will be performing at:

El Paso, TX – Mar 26, 2020 – Don Haskins Center (12,567 concert capacity)
Las Cruces, NM – Mar 28, 2020 – Pan Am Center (12,515 seated capacity)
Phoenix, AZ – Mar 30, 2020 – AK-Chin Pavilion (8,106 seated + 12,000 lawn)
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Contacted the City of El Paso Special Events department (https://www.elpasotexas.gov/planning-and-inspections/special-events) which led me to talk to 3 departments: Right of Way, Parks, and Private Property. None of those departments has issued permits for Mar 26.

One of the people I spoke to said they were wondering themself where the band would be performing, which led me to believe with near certainty that the band would not be performing outside a traditional venue.

During conversations with those individuals they had mentioned that potential concert venues are the County Coliseum (Capacity 5,250), Sun Bowl (51,500 Capacity), and Don Haskins Center (12,567 concert capacity).

While talking to permit people throughout the process I was honest and open about discovering where RATM was performing, I decided to change strategy when reaching out to venue management.

I emailed the Don Haskins contact the following:

Hi- I’m working with presidential candidate Andrew Yang seeking a venue for a rally concert on Mar 26, 2020 and wanted to see if the venue was available.

The reply: Thank you for your email. Unfortunately, our building is not available on March 26, 2020.

The Don Haskins website does not list an event happening that evening. The closest event is one for TobyMac on Mar 27. I used to work in event production so know that concerts set up and strike the same day, so TobyMac would not necessarily need the venue on March 26, 2020

CONCLUSION: It’s curious that the Don Haskins Center website does not list an event, and the size seems like a good fit for RATM


Talked to special events for the city and they have not issued any permits. Park & Recs said that Young Park was the largest park at 1,000 capacity and they had not issued a permit.

I was told that concerts happens at Aggie Memorial Stadium (30,343 seating capacity) and Pan Am Center (12,515 seated capacity)

I zeroed in on Pan Am Center as it was a similar size as the Don Haskins Center. There was nothing listed on their events calendar on Facebook.

I called up New Mexico State University and talked to someone who said Mar 28 was not available but they could send an email with a photo of the venue configured to be appropriate for an Andrew Yang rally, lol.

Their email:

‘Here is a pic of our 2500 – 3000 config @ Pan Am…….only the 29th is available late in the day as we have a concert scheduled on 27 and 28…..’

CONCLUSION: On the Pan Am events calendar nothing is listed, but the email says there is a concert schedule for Mar 27 & 28? Hmm. Interesting … not a basketball game, volleyball, or a musical but a concert??? And two dates? WTF?!?


Talked to contacts at the city and Parks & Recs. No permits here either and zeroed in on AK-Chin Pavilion (8,106 seated + 12,000 lawn) and Talking Stick Resort Arena (18,422 capacity).

I talked to a facility manager at the Talking Stick Resort Arena and was told that there would be construction happening in the bowl of the Arena around the days of Mar 30 so it was unavailable.

We actually played phone tag and in an earlier message I mentioned it would be a Trump rally instead of Andrew Yang because that space is big af. Lol (I’m a Yang supporter not Trump btw)

This person recommended the Veterans Memorial Coliseum (capacity 11,000) but from the looks of the website it did not seem like it would be a good fit.

The AK-Chin Pavilion is owned by Live Nation, so didn’t want to hunt down a contact, but Mar 30 appears to be free in their event calendar.

CONCLUSION: The AK-Chin Pavilion seems like the most likely candidate as a venue since the Talking Stick Resort Arena is closed for renovation. So there you have it. Feel free to do your own digging/follow up.” Rage Against The Machine just ripped Coachella reunion backlash.