Kurt Cobain Widow Leaks Brutal ‘Drug Rehab’ Photo


Kurt Cobain‘s widow Courtney Love posted a vintage photo of herself just as she was about to enter drug rehab in the mid-90’s, as she discussed getting clean and sober again in a new post, where she mentions Green Day singer Billie Joe Armstrong, whose name she misspelled. Kurt Cobain’s widow recently revealed the ‘worst’ drug used.

“Not tonight! Tonight restitutions shall be made To all the messy ladies in the capital @nmemagazine I’m coming to pick up an award /a soda /go chill and get an 18 month chip at my ladies meeting in W1 coz …. 18 months sober today! 😊 #miracle #bell #aa#lotussutra #billyjoearmstrong #nammyohorengekyo #higherpower #noanxiety #noclutter #chaossucks #humilty #values #serenity #love #lifesosweet if I can do it anyone can.”

Nirvana fans on Reddit recently discussed Kurt Cobain’s journals. Gr8ful123 posted, “His friends and bandmates used to read them, yes (can see this on LTSO video and some other videos on YT)

I’m happy they were released as we were able to get another viewpoint into Kurt’s mind (along with Krist’s mind – since some of those writings were from Krist iirc).”

Bradyarm said, “Dave Grohl said Kurt would sometimes leave his journals open in their apartment and him and Jennifer Finch would see the writing and get alarmed and worried about Kurt (this is in one of the books)”

Black_Converse wrote, “Do you know if they ever confronted him about it?”

Bradyarm wrote, “I don’t think so. I think Dave went to Kurt & Courtney’s apartment in Los Angeles on Spaulding and was alarmed at how ghoulish and strung out they were and kinda backward walked out of there. The Cobains found it disloyal but Dave was freaked out and heartbroken.” Michael Jackson’s daughter recently leaked a creepy Kurt Cobain photo.