Rage Against The Machine Icon Confirms ‘The End’ In 2020


Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello predicted that the world will end soon in a new social media post. He announced, “People have long speculated that the world would end in fire or in ice. Who could have guessed that it would end in athleisure?”

Katie Rife tweeted, “Let’s play a game, Twitter. Name three notable people from your hometown; famous people if it’s a big town, local characters if it’s small. I’ll go first: Theda Bara, Bootsy Collins, and Charles Manson.”

Raphael responded, “A mid-sized ‘village’: Tom Morello. Adam Jones. Marlon Brando.” Morello said, “Don’t forget MLB All Star Brett Butler, Pres. Candidate Adlai Stevenson & Babes In Toyland bassist Maureen Herman. #Libertyville.”

Rage Against The Machine’s horrible reunion tour ticket prices were recently revealed. Morello also posted on social media a couple of days ago, “Happy Jamhuri Day! Dec 12, 1963 Kenya gained it’s independence from Great Britain with considerable heavy lifting from the Mau Mau guerrilla fighters & my great uncle Jomo Kenyatta.

My mom was in the stadium celebrating Independence that day. The British flag had always flown over the stadium. At midnight the lights went out and at 12:01 they came back on and the Kenyan flag was flying instead. “Black for the skin/Green for the land/Red for the blood/Steady Freedom’s Hand/Alone with the wind/I am only one man/Facing Mount Kenya.”

He wrote as well, “This message was posted by Iraq Veterans Against The War: ‘Solidarity to people all over the world rising up against repressive regimes.’ Right on. #WhosNext?” Rage Against The Machine dropped a Tool 2020 bombshell last week.