AC/DC Icon Reveals Why 2019 Tour Fell Apart


AC/DC drummer Chris Slade has announced that two major tour dates his ‘Chris Timeline Project’ band is doing have fallen apart and been canceled. An AC/DC member recently made a ‘last shows’ announcement.

Due to circumstances beyond our control including two of the other venues on this run going out of business, we are having to cancel our shows next week at Robin 2 Bilston and Eleven Stoke. Apologies, please contact your supplier for refunds on your tickets.

Coaty Gatt commented, “Both venues are closing their doors?” Slade responded, “NO, the OTHER two venues that were in this run of gigs are closed. Whittles in Oldham and Apollo Scarborough. The Robin2 and ELEVEN are very much open but it is not viable for us to do them this time.”

Brian Johnson was told how AC/DC ‘ruined’ him at a bar by a surprising name. MyCubiclePenguin posted a wild story on recently about a major tour Chris Slade did with Brian Johnson, Angus Young, Malcolm Young, and Cliff Williams.

“This thread is intended to serve as a sort of late night at the bar conversation where you can just throw out funny stories about the band, whether it be a personal experience or something you’ve heard somewhere.

I was just reading the “Maximum Rock and Roll” book by Murray Engleheart, and came across this excerpt about the TRE tour –

“At one show, during Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, a couple was sighted by a spotlight crew member doing it doggy style to the tribal thud of the song. A video camera was turned on the pair and their images were beamed onto screens around the massive stadium. They didn’t flinch, probably fearful of losing their rhythm and she sang the song’s words the whole time. It was official: AC/DC was the international language of lust.” An AC/DC member recently revealed if he used heroin.