Maynard James Keenan Viciously Booed At Tool Concert


A Tool fan named Matt May discussed his experience seeing the band live in Raleigh as a visually impaired man in a new Reddit post, and revealed why Maynard James Keenan was booed.

“After Killing Joke, I made my way back down to my friends for the obligatory photo. I then went forward to my seat. Because I use a cane, the ushers remembered me and never asked to see my ticket again. At my seat, I people watched. The crowd presented as overly male, middle-aged and white. Guilty as charged. Right before the show started, a couple came in and sat beside me. They looked like basics in their early 30s. The lights went out and TOOL came on stage.

The following includes my opinions on music, which won’t be shared by all. The audio mix for Fear Incolcum began a bit muddled. Maynard felt way too low in the mix. Unlike Killing Joke, the bass was also too low. The visuals were incredible and hard to describe. Go out to Youtube and check them out. I was close enough to the stage that when I turned around, I could see the arena much like the band would. The lasers shooting out from the stage made an impressive show above and behind us that most of the crowd never turned around to see. Fear Incolcum didn’t wow. I missed No Quarter as the opener.”

A Smashing Pumpkins icon hilariously disrespecting Maynard James Keenan was revealed earlier this week. The Reddit user added, “It took a couple of songs to get the sound right. Soundcheck is made in an empty arena. Filling the arena changes things. Ænima came on second and it felt perfunctory. The couple beside me appeared unmoved. They didn’t sing along, nod their heads or anything. They looked bored and I wondered how they’d gotten their tickets. A girl off to my right got bounced for taking a picture.

The next section of the show became my highlight, in retrospect. Parabol/Parabola followed by Pneuma. Songs that feel lyrically connected. I lost all sense of self during this set. The videos, the music, the crowd. We became a beast, a spirit that all held one breath. We came up for air for a shortened version of Schism followed by Jambi. Adam came over to Justin as he shredded through that song. He kept pointing at Justin to let us know that it was all him. Jambi was followed but what felt like a shorted version of Vicarious.

Maynard stayed in the back being the weird queen that he is. He trolled the crowd by telling us that Raleigh sure looked a lot like Charlotte. This got a boo from the crowd. Maynard’s hung out in NC long enough to know about the historic east/west split in the state.” Maynard James Keenan’s ‘depressing’ comments at a Tool show were revealed a few days ago.