Rage Against The Machine Member Reveals Why New Tool Album Is Taking So Long


Former Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello discussed Tool’s new album in an interview conducted with Rolling Stone Italy a month ago. Keep in mind these quotes are translated so they are not exact.

One last question: I know you listened to the Tool disk. Are you making us a spoiler? We do not tell anyone.

I heard the instrumental version of the record. Maynard had not recorded anything yet. It sounds great, I can say that it is worth waiting so much. Tool is a band that pays great attention to the composition, they take care of everything in the smallest details. I have listened to 7 or 8 songs: they are long, elegant, brutal … they are Tool.

So can we reassure fans?

(Laughs) I would say yes, I can not say when it will come out … but I can say that I have listened to a lot of exceptional music. I hope Maynard does not screw up everything, but I’m sure it will not be like that.

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