Rage Against The Machine React To Foo Fighters Feud


Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello wants his son to form a band with Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl’s drumming rival Nandi Bushell. Grohl and Nandi have released hilarious videos documenting their hilarious light hearted ‘feud’ online, with a series of drum offs.

Morello told Pitchfork about Nandi when talking to Pitchfork about Led Zeppelin IV, “I’ve been focusing on this record now because I’m teaching my 9-year-old son guitar. I have been attuning to the brilliance and the nuance of Jimmy Page’s production, arrangements, and playing. When I was a beginner guitar player, I never really learned those songs.

I could fumble my way through the ‘Black Dog’ riff or whatever, but I was more interested in jumping off the riser than I was in getting the chords right. And to this day, I still am. But learning them with my son has inspired me to push myself arrangement-wise and to think about my songwriting in a very different headspace. It reminded me what a potent weapon of expression the electric guitar is, and how it timelessly manifests emotion, authenticity, and rock power.

Maybe [10-year-old drumming phenom] Nandi Bushell and my son will have a band together some day. The difficult thing about that band will be to decide who has the better hair, ’cause my kid’s hair is spectacular, and so is hers. When you’ve got two awesome hairs in one band, you’re kind of most of the way there.”

Morello recently revealed why Rage Against The Machine can’t currently reunite. Morello also recently posted on social media, “I’m proud to announce my new signature @JimDunlopUSA Cry Baby Wah Wah pedal—available now! This is the exact same pedal that I have used on literally EVERY album and at EVERY show I have EVER played (I added the fancy artwork for this release!). I’ve autographed a limited number of these pedals, and they are available via @Reverb at the link in my bio. All proceeds from the autographed pedals will be donated to @jailguitardoorsusa, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing musical opportunities to help rehabilitate prisoners. Check it out. #DunlopArtistForACause.”