Rage Against The Machine ‘Refund’ Expensive Tickets


Rage Against The Machine and Ticketmaster have refunded between 4 to 6 dollars to many fans who bought tickets for the RATM reunion tour. Rage Against The Machine having higher prices than Red Hot Chili Peppers at a festival was just revealed.

Bombbomb posted on Reddit, “Anyone else get a random Ticketmaster refund for $4.95? I just got an email from Paypal saying I’ve been refunded $4.95 for each ticket I bought (Oakland 4/23). Checked my Ticketmaster account, and the tix are still there. This happen to anyone else?”

Headfirstthistime responded, “Some people were charged $130 before fees, when the base price was meant to be $125. Ticketmaster is refunding the difference on those who were overcharged.” Jackster829 added, “I got one for $6.”

Freewheelinryan88 also wrote on Reddit, “Are the RATM Official Charity Prices changing? I can’t say for sure, but I have been checking the shows in my area periodically and it seems that the available ticket prices are changing.

Has anyone else noticed this? Could the prices be dynamic and change in relation to demand or time until the show? Or, are people somehow returning or releasing their tickets? Thanks folks!”

2daMooon chimed in, “I’m pretty sure that these ‘Charity Tickets’ are just a rebranded ‘Official Platinum Ticket.’ In other words, though anything above face value is going to Charity they otherwise work the exact same way. If people buy them, the rest go up in cost, if people don’t buy them they go down in cost. Basically trying to simulate a free market environment.”

Willwillx said, “Yes there is like 3 pit tickets available as charity in almost all cities but the hard to find places like raleigh, eg.. dc shows are like 390 each and dropped like 50$ yesterday, meanwhile stubhub prices are going up. People better not drag their feet on these. I bet these 2 months from now, will be 400 minimum for GA tickets.”

Deafmeda1 concluded, “I’ve read stuff from people who supposedly worked for TM say that the artists/artist management etc. determine fees and dynamic models. TM supposedly makes a very small amount off of any given ticket. I think Platinum tix might be tix TM gets to pocket all the extra?

The Charity tix for Rage follow the typical dynamic model except for the excess is going to charity instead of their own coffers it appears, therefore the prices should fluctuate based on demand and current resale value. Bullshit? I dunno but this is my guess.” Rage Against The Machine ‘canceling’ huge tickets were just revealed.