Red Hot Chili Peppers Announce ‘Last’ John Frusciante Show


Red Hot Chili Peppers Live have revealed that the last show of the band’s reunion tour in Europe with John Frusciante will be in Israel in June. Ex-RHCP guitarist Josh Klinghoffer is joining Pearl Jam for a tour.

RHCP Live tweeted, “NEW SHOW: @ChiliPeppers are playing Park HaYarkon in Tel Aviv, Israel on June 10, 2020! 🇮🇱 . This is apparently the last 2020 show announcement, at least for the European festival leg.”

Throwawaymockout posted on Reddit, “Don’t you think there’s a slight chance John could disappoint?? I’ve been thinking: John hasn’t been in a band for ages and supposedly haven’t really been playing the guitar that much. The band’s sound has changed a bit since he left.

I know there will be plenty of time for jamming and syncing but don’t you think there’s a slight chance things might not click this time?

Can you imagine the band going ‘screw it! If John wants back let him be back’ and then he just returns with a completely different approach to the guitar?

I’m probably wrong, I HOPE I’m wrong. He got his strats set up so that must mean something

I know John rarely disappoints with RHCP but you just never know what’s going inside that crazy mind of his.”

Listogast responded, “John has never disappointed yet so I’d say no. And the only reason the band’s sound changed is because Josh wanted more of a background role.”

Ptsowns commented, “What makes you think he hasn’t been playing guitar? What makes you think be hasn’t been making music/jamming with other people? I’m not saying you’re wrong but it’s a huge assumption to presume you know what goes on in his personal life ya know?”

Kenticus69 said, “It’ll be fine – it’s gonna be a fun ride. Just enjoy the festival shows this summer and give whatever music they release a shot when they release it. The last 3 RHCP albums with John are universally considered pretty awesome so I ain’t worried. In any event, live shows are pretty much guaranteed to rock.” John Frusciante’s weight loss was recently detailed.