Red Hot Chili Peppers’ John Frusciante Weight Loss Revealed


Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante enjoyed a productive hiatus from the band for a decade until returning recently, working on solo material and spending time with friends. The last time Frusciante was gone from the band though in the mid-90’s, he had a bad drug problem, and a friend has now claimed his weight reached an alarming number. RHCP’s 2020 world tour plans with John Frusciante just leaked.

Marcus Lebov, who lived with John and Meg Holliday in 1997, posted on a Paparazzi forum according to, “The simple fact that John remained alive is a miracle in itself. He weighed less than 40 pounds and had lost all teeth in his mouth from injecting heroin. He was about 27 or Twenty-eight years old but looked like an old man.John never learned how to find a vein either, so he hit the muscle every time he injected.That left permanent scars on both his arms.From wrists to shoulders – both arms were 91% scars. ”

AC_cloud posted, “The official social media accounts are very silent! I’m probably being paranoid but the official social media accounts have been very quiet for a while now, nothing since the big announcement and nothing since Dec 10th about Flea’s book on Facebook. No Christmas or new year wishes to the fans, no ‘on this day this was released…’ Silence! What gives?”

Silkalmondvanilla responded, “Prediction: it will be frustratingly silent for a while, since the band will be regrouping (literally) and jamming and writing. They need to relearn songs and get the feel of the four of them back. So after the super exciting announcement, the next but might be a bit quiet.” John Frusciante’s new ‘injury’ photo leaked a few days ago.