Red Hot Chili Peppers Drop John Frusciante Reunion Bombshell


Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea recently posted a video with John Frusciante, who he rarely posts photos or videos with, just a year after reuniting with him to attend an event in Los Angeles. John Frusciante revealed in an unearthed interview why he had to leave and do solo material. Flea wrote on Instagram, “Me and John.”

Edward Norton commented, “I want this guy playing horn in my movie! Oh wait, he did! You’re a jazz man at heart, brother Flea.” System of a Down frontman Serj Tankian wrote, “Beautiful @flea333 Trumpet is one of my favorite instruments.”

Vibhor._ chimed in, “Bring back John fru.” Calmeleonking said, “We miss John Frusciante. Especially @flea333 and Frusciante today. I really hope the G_ds bring you two together and save all our souls… Your music has been a gift to us.”

John Frusciante making bold Josh Klinghoffer remarks was recently revealed, and John hinted at what a reunion with Klinghoffer could sound like in an never before heard interview with Steven Rosen that recently surfaced.

At the end of the day, Shadows Collide With People is a perfect reflection of you as a guitarist?

“Yeah, it’s exactly what I set out to create. The earlier records are all demos; none of those were ever really conceived as, ‘I’m gonna make a record.’ This was more like I had a certain group of songs and I was collaborating with Josh and we were always singing harmonies together and we knew we wanted to make a record with a lot of harmonies and a lot of keyboard parts and a lot of songs with interesting chords.”

But not a lot of guitar!

“Not a lot of guitar playing and flashy bass playing. The idea for the record was all clear in our heads. Josh is a great guitar player and I’m known for being a guitar player and we knew right from the day before we went into the studio. We thought, ‘Should we add any guitar solos to this record?’ [Much laughter]. And he said, ‘It’s not a very guitar-oriented record.’ That’s not what we were doing on this record. I’m sure someday we’ll do a record with a lot of guitar.”

The audio of the interview is available via Ultimate-Guitar.