John Frusciante Calls Out Red Hot Chili Peppers Guitarist


John Frusciante gave a touching call out to his Red Hot Chili Peppers replacement Josh Klinghoffer in a never before published interview with’s Steven Rosen, after discussing why he needed space from the band.

When asked about working on the song “Carvel” with Klinghoffer, he said, “The first thing we did was make a demo recording of that song; most of the songs on this album we made 8-track cassette demos of. That was usually where most of the experimenting happened, you know? How did it go? Oh, I remember … I did that demo pretty much by myself.

I recorded the guitar, Josh overdubbed drums, I did a synth bass, and I took my Mellotron sounds which I had on samples on an Emulator and I just tried to use sounds that I didn’t normally use. I used one sound for the intro, I used another sound for the verse, I used another sound for the third section – I tried to use a different sound for every section. And then Josh and I always make up our [vocal] harmonies once something is in the demo form. And that’s probably the final stage of it.”

He added, “In this case, Josh had written all the drum parts so pretty much it was me and Josh sitting in a room teaching these drum parts to Chad and Josh would usually play bass and I’d play guitar. There were some songs where I was meant to play bass on ‘em so it was just me and Chad tracking them.”

John Frusciante jamming with a Pearl Jam member leaked recently. Frusciante then discussed the song “Water.”

“Josh and I both love the Kinks and I suppose I was listening to the album Arthur a lot during the time we were making this record. But when I wrote that song I was trying to write something like the Talking Heads. And for the outro I was playing Chad [Smith] an Aphex Twin beat where the drums are always going off time and I tried to get him to do something along those lines; you’re playing some really fast drum beat and the drums are off time.”

John Frusciante released unheard material a few weeks ago. Le_Suave posted on the John Frusciante Reddit recently, “Sorry but if you don’t like the [Smile from the Streets You Hold] album, you never ‘got’ John in the first place, and aren’t a legit fan, but a manufactured fan. I’m serious…call this post childish all you have to but its true. It doesn’t have to be your fave album but if you can’t get down with that album just… Nup… Johns music is not for you on a legit level.”

Leandrorhcp responded, “Chill man, I personally love the roughness of the album but you don’t ‘get’ John by liking an album. Some people might connect with it, some not. Music is purely subjective.”

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