Red Hot Chili Peppers Drop New Drummer Bombshell


Red Hot Chili Peppers played with Jane’s Addiction drummer Stephen Perkins last weekend in Los Angeles with Chad Smith being absent due to an art show in Florida, but Perkins wasn’t the only one time new drummer playing with RHCP, as Thelonious Monster’s Pete Weiss also joined the band, according to Bob Forrest. The performance was John Frusciante’s first RHCP show since August 2007, and his first time performing live since 2010.

HelloGoodbyeFriend recently posted on Reddit, “Is the fate of the band now in John’s hands? What do you guys think would happen if John decides to leave again? Let’s say in 2029? At that point I can’t really see them deciding to continue on based on how old they would be and the pain of having to start over with another guitarist.

Or (Josh possibly re-join?) I can imagine a situation though where John is burnt out again and they just tour very sporadically and primarily work in the studio. (This could be the situation we have now) Obviously I’m very excited for this new era we have now but interesting to think about..

Sailorssaybrandy responded, “I think we’ll have a better feel for what’s to come in the future once we hear a little bit more from the band and John himself. That is to say if we get interviews from them at all.”

K0stil commented, “We don’t know anything really. Josh says he is open to becoming a member or doing guest appearances so if John were to leave again I’m sure Josh is there to help them out. They certainly have the best chemistry after John.” A new John Frusciante recording with Flea recently leaked.