Red Hot Chili Peppers Guitarist ‘Needs Prayers’ After Firing


Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante has needed prayers to get back in the band and replace Josh Klinghoffer, at least according to legendary comedian Chris Rock. John Frusciante called a surprising name for help a few weeks before Josh Klinghoffer was fired.

Rock wrote on social media about Frusciante replacing Klinghoffer, “My prayers have been answered.” Former Prophets of Rage co-frontman Chuck D then told Rock, “Pray bigger lol.” After some backlash from John Frusciante fans, Chuck shot back, “Was a joke. Everyone knows John Fruscante is a musical genius.”

RHCP fans on Reddit were wondering in a new topic of the band will professionally record their May 2020 North American festival first reunion performances with John Frusciante.

Kenticus69 posted, “They record audio of ALL SHOWS. Only shows that get released are proper tour shows – so solo shows and festival shows if they are promoting an album.

Only stuff since 2011 they have not released was the 2018 South America Lollapalooza stuff and the 2019 shows AFTER the Australia run. Assuming they do continue with Live Chili Peppers, and knowing that John being back is a big deal, I would hope that even if a new album is not forthcoming, they will release the shows they play this summer.

This is of course assuming that John is cool with them confining to release virtually all shows via live chili peppers which in my opinion, I at this time do not know any reason why he WOULD NOT be cool with this, but hey to be determined until they talk.”

K0stil shot back, “They are not a part of the tour. I went to a festival in 2016 after the release of getaway but before proper tour started in September. It was not released.”

kenticus69 responded, “Forgot about the handful of festivals before the getaway was released….whoops. Guessing rule then is if a song will appear on an album they are putting out and it’s not out yet, they don’t release the show? Forgot about the pre-getaway 2016 shows amidst all the live releases we got from that tour….” Josh Klinghoffer discussed the ‘weirdness’ of John Frusciante’s return in a story posted a few days ago.