Red Hot Chili Peppers Legend Makes Bold Drug Request


Former Red Hot Chili Peppers and Jane’s Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro had a hilarious reaction to President Donald Trump discussing using drug finding equipment at the U.S. and Mexican border.

President Trump said, “One of the problems described to me as an example is your ports of entry. We’re going to agree with Chuck and Nancy and Dick Durbin was there, we’re going to agree that we want to make the ports bigger and more powerful, able to handle more traffic, have very very powerful drug equipment there. They make very good stuff now, we don’t have it because of budgets and other reasons, but we’re going to make ports of entry very powerful, very strong. We’re going to have the best drug finding equipment anywhere in the world. They make it much better today than they made it even two years ago.”

Navarro responded with a funny tweet, “Drug finding equipment? Where do I sign up?”

Dave Navarro recently discussed the 1997 Jane’s Addiction reunion tour on his Dark Matter podcast. Alternative Nation transcribed some of his comments.

“And for me there was, the second I got into the room for the Jane’s Addiction rehearsal it was like, ‘This would be so much better on heroin.’

Immediately! It was like I walked in the door, oh my god, I’ve got to have heroin instead. Instead of mineral water, this is bullshit. So…”

“Me and Perry (Farrell) kind of stepped aside, (mumbles): ‘You’ve got a guy? You got a guy…’

At the time [Perry] was not sober, fucking twenty [years ago]. This was ’97. So, he and I get high and [Stephen] Perkins just sees it and is like, ‘Oh no, here we go again.’

And then we went on tour with Flea. And that was one of the most epic Jane’s Addiction tours. And one of the most exciting, one of the most decadent, drug-fueled- on my part. I’ve never been that open and out and blatant and obvious about it. And dangerous. And disgustingly, as well.

Still, kind of a great fucking tour. So anyway, we come back from that. And you know, Flea had a really traumatic experience on that because he loved the music, he loved playing with us, but he didn’t love that, you know. And he had a couple of guys to deal with. And I was definitely the worst.”