Greta Van Fleet Make Stunning Dave Grohl & Paul McCartney Claim


Greta Van Fleet drummer Danny Wagner stated that he wants Greta Van Fleet to have a tour with Foo Fighters legend Dave Grohl and Paul McCartney in a recent ReviewSTL interview.

If you could pick any band to tour with right now, is there one that would stand out for you to choose?

I’ve always been a huge fan of Paul McCartney. I’ve been a huge Beatles fan my whole life. One would be the Foo Fighters. That would be really awesome and quite the opportunity.

Thinking about touring, what are some things you do to keep yourself sane with such a grueling touring schedule?

I’m a huge golfer. I love to golf. I take my clubs on tour. That’s one thing I like to do personally. As far as the band goes, we all love the arts. We love drawing, we love reading, we love hiking. It’s pretty endless.

What is it like touring outside of the U.S? What are some of the biggest differences you’ve noticed culture wise compared to the U.S?

You travel to all these places and you get to experience the different cultures and they are so different and you live in them for a little while. It makes home feel so much more like home. It’s weird, you really start to appreciate your country more when you’re not in it.

Thinking about the EP, how long did it actually take you guys to put it together?

Probably not as long as it should have. The newer EP, released in November, took maybe 2 or 3 weeks, but it took us going out on the road and realizing we probably needed to add some more. So, we came home for 2 and a half weeks or so. We came up with the ideas and recorded them. It was done, kind of in a time crunch. We’ve definitely spent a lot more time on the new album that’s not been released yet.