Pink Floyd Call Out David Gilmour For Terrible Singing


Pink Floyd legend Nick Mason, in speaking with eonmusic discussed a wide variety of topics in an Eon Music interview. Here, the Pink Floyd drummer discussed how important it was for himself and Pink Floyd to pay tribute to late band member Syd Barrett. Pink Floyd announce horrible The Beatles family death.

Mason told the outlet: “Oh, it’s very important, because what I tend to say is, without Syd, we wouldn’t have got there. It would never have taken off, or if it had taken off, it would have taken off in a different way. The interesting thing is, you see the clip in the film [broadcast at the awards], and we’re playing ‘Astronomy Domine’, and David is, actually he’s not singing, he’s miming to Syd’s version. So that was quite a difficult transition, really.”

In other news revolving Pink Floyd, fans of the psychedelic rock and roll legends recently took to the Pink Floyd subreddit to discuss which songs by the group deserve more attention. David Gilmour ‘attacking’ Roger Waters revealed by Pink Floyd.

One user stated: “All of Atom Heart Mother. The song itself is epic, it’s triumphant and bold. For decades I saw it as just a hot mess but now it’s gold, especially when you think of the equipment and processes they had at that time. Today with a computer such a track wouldn’t require an epic workload to make but back then… such a song took a huge workload to create. Heard Roger and Nick had to lay down the rhythm/background in one take, if done today such a task wouldn’t have to be done in just one take. If is simply simple and brilliant. Elegant and bare. Summer of ‘69 is bold and joyous. Fat Old Sun is magnificent. They learned a lot from the studio Ummagumma trail.”

The user continued: “Alan’s Psychedelic Breakfast is freaky and layered. A lot of people can’t get past the added sounds but that’s part of the beauty and makes it breakfast. I read it has three parts and the original vinyl wouldn’t return the needle to park but just repeat that last drip of water from the sink. If AHM was sheer bravo, APB is super laid back and relaxed. Both highly experimental. And the cover to wrap it all together? Just a simple cow.”

David Gilmour ‘refuses’ stunning money for Pink Floyd tour. The user concluded: “Outside of that, a few of my personal favorite tracks that seem somewhat overlooked by others: When You’re In (OBC), Sum, Skins (ER), Biding My Time (Relics), and Embryo (Works). And as a bonus thought: the four tracks on Live Ummagumma define Floyd in the late sixties. They are gold. I understand the studio half weighing the album as a whole down but that live half just shouldn’t be tossed aside, that’s some live greatness.”

You can read the full interview at EonMusic.