Metallica ‘Hiring’ Jason Newsted For Tour Revealed


Metallica and Jason Newsted superfan, as well as writer RAZIQRAUF, recently took to Twitter to answer a fellow Twitter user by the name of Vennart who asked about some places to recommend seeing while in San Francisco. The man called Raz responded by suggesting a bar that has a very big Jason Newsted connection. Metallica bassist retires, is Jason Newsted back?

The user tweeted: “Warfield is a mile away from Tommy’s Joynt. It’s a good place if you like beer, sandwiches, and the place Metallica took Jason Newsted to figure out if he was a cool guy. I like it there.”

Metallica bassist unloads on Jason Newsted ‘replacing’ him. In other news regarding Jason Newsted and Metallica, the thrash-metal legendary bassist recently sung the praises of A&R Executive Michael Alago recently. Alago is the man who is credited for signing Metallica and whose new book ‘I Am Michael Alago’ is due out on March 2nd via Backbeat Books. Newsted is quoted by saying: “He is a key player and lynchpin in the early careers of Flotsam and Jetsam and Metallica, and more importantly, a greatly respected lifelong friend loved and admired by the people that make up these legendary acts. He’s a fan. We’re all fans.”

Metallica bassist savagely calls out Jason Newsted. It wasn’t just Newsted who sung the executive’s praises as Slayer’s Gary Holt stated the following: “A true Hollywood tale of how a gay Puerto Rican man in a heavy metal world can become a conqueror! From running wild in the streets of NYC as younger men to still being close to this day, Michael is a legend in the world of hard rock. The heavy metal landscape would look much different if it weren’t for him. We owe him a debt of gratitude for his foresight in music and I am thankful for his contributions and even more so, his friendship.”